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Canterbury Revision School Easter Programme

The Canterbury Revision School’s intensive Easter programme delivers A-Level, GCSE and IGCSE courses to small groups of students.


All courses are led by highly experienced and dedicated professional tutors with exceptional track records in the UK’s most competitive national examinations.

The emphasis on focussed revision of core topics, extensive practice with past papers and refinement of examination technique helps students achieve outstanding results and boosts students’ academic self-esteem.

The Canterbury Revision School recognises the importance of a learning environment which includes the right physical, psychological and instructional setting. Our Easter courses take place in the lecture halls and seminar rooms at Keynes College at the University of Kent which provide students with a positive atmosphere in which to focus on their studies.


  • 96% of students rated their courses as ''Good'' or ''Outstanding''.

  • 100% of students would recommend Canterbury Revision School to family or friends.

  • 100% of students agreed that their courses had helped them to prepare for their examinations and had helped to take them away from the distractions at home.

Read our students' and parents' feedback by clicking here.

The Canterbury Revision School Approach

the courses start we clarify areas of a subject that are of most concern to individual students based on a detailed analysis of their requirements.

the courses we provide a concentrated learning environment away from the distractions of home life under the guidance of highly qualified subject specialists.

the courses have ended, we provide students with access to first rate resources and materials, and the opportunity to stay in touch with their tutor for further help, support and guidance.

Our Ethos
  • At CRS, we believe that revision courses should be affordable.


  • We recognise that access to A Level courses and higher education can often be life changing for individuals, and the skills and qualifications that students gain can leave an indelible positive impression and impact on their lives.


  • In offering affordable revision courses, we aim to forge the link between excellence and enabling all students to deliver their full potential.

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