The Canterbury Revision School’s A-Level Geography courses are exam board specific



Courses are tailored as a result of our detailed analysis of individual student’s requirements before the course. This ensures that our tutors design a bespoke programme and cover relevant content, examination questions and techniques during the course.

Geography A-Level


Students can enrol for our one or two day Geography courses:

Example one day course:


Day 1:


  • Tectonic Processes and Hazards

  • Landscape Systems, Processes and Change

  • Physical systems and sustainability

Example one day course:


Day 2:


  • Globalisation/Superpowers.

  • Shaping Places; Regenerating Places; Diverse Places.

  • Global Development and Connections; Health, Human Rights and Intervention; Migration, Identity and Sovereignty.

Example one day course:


Day 3:

The day contains three synoptic themes within compulsory content areas:

  • Players

  • Attitudes and actions

  • Futures and uncertainties


Key information
Class size
  • Our experience shows that small groups create the right balance between discussion and independent learning with tutors able to devote considerable time to individual students.

  • Classes are never larger than six at A - Level. They are very rarely smaller than three.


Dates: Revision School

  • Our intensive revision courses run throughout the Easter holidays starting at 9am and ending at 5pm each day.

  • There is an hour for lunch and short morning and afternoon breaks.

£175 per day