GCSE and IGCSE English Literature



Edexcel, AQA, OCR, CIE, WJEC


Each immersive one day course covers a core GCSE/IGCSE text, providing expert structured revision of key themes, motifs and characters.

In addition, close textual analysis enables students to focus on how writers use language and form to create specific literary effects – a key requirement for higher grades.

Students are helped with the process of transferring those insights into orderly and clearly structured exam responses. Both traditional essays and passage-based responses are covered. 


We clarify which texts students wish to study and aspects that are of most concern to individual students based on a detailed analysis of their requirements before the course. This will ensure that our tutors design a bespoke programme and cover relevant examination questions and techniques during the course.

Example one day course: Macbeth


  • Key characters: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo, the Witches, Macduff, Duncan.


  • Key themes and related imagery: kingship, gender, the supernatural, ambition, blood, nature and the unnatural, appearance and reality, fate.


  • The tragic genre and tragic heroism.


  • Dramatic structure and stagecraft.


  • Close textual analysis: Act 2, scene 3, lines 1-77 (the Porter scene).


  • Commentary on exemplar student essays (‘Explore the presentation of witchcraft in the play.’; ‘How does Shakespeare make the murders of Lady Macduff and her son in Act 4 scene 2 so dramatically effective?’)


  • Essay planning for the exam (‘How important is Banquo’s role in the play?’, ‘How does Shakespeare use language to make Act 5 scene 5 such a powerful moment in the play?’)


  • Structuring an argument (Do you agree with the idea that Macbeth’s downfall is brought about by his ambition?’, ‘To what extent is Lady Macbeth a ‘fiend-like Queen’?’).

Key information
Class size
  • Our experience shows that small groups create the right balance between discussion and independent learning with tutors able to devote considerable time to individual students.

  • Classes are never larger than eight at GCSE. They are very rarely smaller than three.


Dates: Revision School

  • Our intensive revision courses run throughout the Easter holidays starting at 9am and ending at 5pm each day.

  • There is an hour for lunch and short morning and afternoon breaks.

£125 per day