Student views

Students' comments about the GCSE Macbeth course (100% rated the course ''Good'' or ''Outstanding''):

  • ''Great teacher''

  • ''Thanks!''

  • ''Great course!''

Students' comments about the GCSE Biology course (100% rated the course ''Good'' or ''Outstanding''):

  • ''Good teacher - helpful and encouraging''

  • ''Very good and nice tutor!''

  • ''It helps you to better understand the topics''.

Parent view

​''My son found the Maths course very helpful as it made sense of the last two years of lessons! He came home much more positive especially as many of the difficult topics were explained clearly. He felt he could ask questions without being judged. The small group definitely was a factor in this. Whilst he found both teachers very good, he especially related to JM's style. She has made such a difference to his attitude which has become 'can do' rather than 'can't do'! (He was very tired afterwards - lots of brain activity!) Thank you, so pleased I found you - it is difficult to find A Level support like this, especially in a more adult environment than school!'' 


Students' comments about the A Level Maths  course (100% rated the course ''Outstanding''):

  • ''Everything was great! Really helped me to understand everything in better detail.''

  • ''The tutor was excellent and you could ask for anything and receive a brilliant session. The course was good and really useful.''

  • ''Very helpful in explaining any confusing questions.''

  • ''Keynes College is a really nice environment to work in.''

Students' comments about the GCSE Maths course (100% rated the course ''Outstanding''):

  • ''Amazing course! Increased confidence.''

  • ''Love it! Extremely helpful.''

  • ''Good environment. Nice and quiet''

  • ''Mr W is great! He managed to explain very clearly and was always able to help. I found the course very helpful in improving my understanding. Mr W was really engaging and really friendly!''


Students' comments about the GCSE Chemistry course (100% rated the course ''Good'' or ''Outstanding''):

  • ''Helpful. Excellent teacher.''

  • ''Thank you alot for getting me out of my house to actually do work''

  • ''I liked how there were breaks as well as lunch. It was a tough day.''​​

Students' comments about the A Level Biology course (100% rated the course ''Outstanding''):

  • ''Really helpful and directed at specific exam specification.''

  • ''Very good and great resources.''

  • ''The teacher was brilliant. everything good. 10/10''​​


Students' comments about the A Level Chemistry course (100% rated the course ''Good'' or ''Outstanding''):

  • ''Tutor was very helpful, resources were outstanding and facilities lovely.''

  • ''Very good teacher.''

More parents' views:


'''The tutor was great and provided excellent resources.  We were really pleased that CRS was able to accommodate my daughter’s individual needs.  We will definitely recommend to others.''

Students' comments about the A Level Physics course (100% rated the course ''Average'', ''Good'' or ''Outstanding''):

  • ''Very helpful to have so many practice questions available to go through.''

  • ''Great course!''

  • ''Thanks very much.''​​


''I just wanted to let you know that in the Biology and English Literature GCSEs L went from predicted 6s to achieve a 9 in Biology and 8 in English Literature !  Both results he absolutely puts down to the revision days he did with thank you very much !!!''

''The revision days most definitely helped him achieve the grades he did. He particularly mentioned a question on Macbeth that came up in the exam that he had not covered at school but did cover with you! 


We will certainly be using you again!''

''My daughter has really enjoyed the 5 days at Canterbury revision school. She has found them really beneficial in preparing for her exams. We were worried that the days would be too long but she found the days went really quickly. She appreciated the small group sizes and found that the tutors moved at an appropriate pace.


She especially enjoyed Biology and Chemistry, where the teachers had prepared useful work books...

...Many Thanks, we’ll definitely be back again for A’ levels and with my younger children when they prepare for GCSE’s.''