GCSE and IGCSE Biology


Edexcel, AQA, OCR, CIE, WJEC


This one day course is suitable for all students studying Triple Science who have been entered into the single science Biology examination.

This course is not suitable for students studying Combined Science: Trilogy. Please visit the Combined Science: Trilogy page to find more details regarding this course.

We will clarify areas of a subject that are of most concern to individual students based on a detailed analysis of their requirements before the course. This will ensure that our tutors design a bespoke programme and cover relevant examination questions and techniques during the course.

Our one day course will cover the following specific areas:


  • Cells: cell structure, cell division, transport in cells, enzymes, coordination and control

  • Organisation: gaseous exchange systems, digestion, transport systems, plant organisation, non–communicable disease

  • Infection and response: communicable diseases, treating curing and preventing
    diseases, monoclonal antibodies, plant disease, making medicines

  • Bioenergetics: photosynthesis, respiration

  • Homeostasis and response: the nervous system, the human endocrine system,
    hormones in human reproduction, homeostasis, plant hormones

  • Inheritance, variation, evolution, natural selection and genetics: reproduction the genome and gene expression, genetic inheritance, variation, changing the genes, evolution, classification of living organisms

  • Ecology: adaptations, interdependence and competition, organisation of an ecosystem, decomposition, biodiversity and the effect of human interaction on ecosystems, trophic levels of an ecosystem, food production

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