GCSE and IGCSE Mathematics



Edexcel, AQA, OCR, CIE, WJEC


The GCSE and IGCSE Mathematics syllabus and specification has parts which are common to all the boards:

  • Number

  • Algebra

  • Ratio and proportion

  • Geometry

  • Probability

  • Statistic


Students can enrol for one, two or three one day courses which focus on the following key components:

Number and Algebra (one day)
  • Numbers and the number system: Integers, Fractions, Decimals, order of operations, factors and multiples, powers and reciprocals, percentages, surds, standard form, units, estimation and limits of accuracy, indices.

  • Algebra: algebraic manipulation, linear and quadratic equations, functions, graphs, simultaneous equations, inequalities, linear and quadratic sequences, algebraic fractions, proof, exponential functions, graph transformations, circle equations, iteration, area under a curve.

Ratio, Proportion and Geometry (one day)

  • Ratio and proportion: compound units, direct and inverse proportion, growth and decay, scale factors, similar areas and volumes, percentage increase and decrease, rates of change.

  • Geometry: coordinates construction, similarity and congruence, angles in polygons, angles in parallel lines, circles, bearings, Pythagoras Theorem, trigonometry, sine and cosine rules, transformations, circle theorems, areas and volumes, vectors.

Probability and Statistics (one day)

  • Probability: listing outcomes, frequency trees and tree diagrams, relative frequency, Venn diagrams, independent and conditional probability, histograms.

  • Statistics: sampling, distributions, working with grouped data, types of charts, comparing data sets, scatter graphs, averages and speed.

Key information
Class size
  • Our experience shows that small groups create the right balance between discussion and independent learning with tutors able to devote considerable time to individual students.

  • Classes are never larger than eight at GCSE. They are very rarely smaller than three.


Dates: Revision School

  • Our intensive revision courses run throughout the Easter holidays starting at 9am and ending at 5pm each day.

  • There is an hour for lunch and short morning and afternoon breaks.

£125 per day